5 Tips for Increasing Your Online Store’s Conversion Rate

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Nowadays e-commerce stores have been emerging from everywhere, all credit goes to solutions like shopify, magento and its making no troublesome to people as they are selling amazing products with great results. The reality is more brands or products are coming online as well as more shoppers too but still the conversion rate is feeble in the online world.

A good e-commerce conversion rate gives power to your business. This article will cover some tips to raise e-commerce store conversion rate:

  1. Upgrade your Visuals

First you need to pay attention to your product images. The higher will be the resolution; the better would be the quality of images. As purchaser can’t go into your store physically and touch and feel the product they want to buy. Buyer should be able to see the product from all angles; all sizes along with details and at the bottom, able to experience and expose the product online. You need to convey the message to clients about products through visuals without having them to actually touch the product. Make sure the images are zoom-able not click to zoom as it increases conversions.

  1. Mobile-friendly Site

Launch mobile-friendly site to avoid any loss of sales. Mostly customers are using smartphones and online shopping is expanding each day. Mobile shoppers should be able to check over your online store without a hitch, can easily do items addition to their shopping cart, hand over secure payment and freight information consequently settle their purchases with easy check out process.

  1. Descriptions

Highlight and showcase all the benefits of your product in description in a shortest possible way and also provide details thoroughly as people need to experience the product.

  1. Shipping options

One of the prime factors that can drive visitor to convert or ditch the site is the shipping procedure. Offer your products at free or modest shipping cost and within acceptable time frame. Flat rate shipping is a great option too. Try to offer multiple shipping options.

  1. Promotions/Sale

Next factor is to highlight your clearance or sale or chart-topping offers and promotions on store’s homepage as well as on catalog pages to make them stand out. Since 80% buyers like to shop for best sellers as they don’t want to be first they want something that people have already experienced and enjoyed. Hence a great tool to enhance conversion rate of e-commerce store.